DoctorTribe is a non profit organization founded to support men, women, youth & children empowering them and giving them a brighter future.

You can donate anything you have. Learn more about how to donate here. Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor.

The DoctorTribe Foundation aims to empower men, women, children and young adults in underprivileged communities through education, food and nutrition and youth empowerment. 

Our vision is to establish high impact programs with low cost to assist young adults, children and women in underprivileged communities in order to break the poverty cycles through food, adequate food and nutrition, education and youth empowerment. 

There are a lot of people worldwide in need of your help. You can donate anytime you have including your time. 


DoctorTribe Foundation welcomes sponsorships and collaboration with individuals, volunteers as well as corporate organizations. 

By establishing a partnership with DoctorTribe Foundation, you play a major role in improving the underprivileged lives within the communities. We have three main goals.

Food and Nutrition: A lot of countries mostly in Africa are suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition. Our aim is to stop hunger and provide free funds for the underprivileged community outreach.

Education and Mentorship: It is important to empower this communities with education as it is the key to a success in future. Every child deserves a good start and an opportunity to learn for a bright future. But too many children are not opportune to get this. Together, we can make a long lasting change in a chid’s life by donating to the foundation. Be a voice for the helper.

DoctorTribe Foundation’s activities, projects and operations are funded by individuals, organizations and the genera pubic. You can contribute and invest in the lives of both men, women, children and young adults across Africa and Worldwide by main donations. Are you interested in donating, please click here. Just by buying our shirts and accessories, you can fund us. For every shirts and accessories purchased, a percentage will be given to the foundation to improve Africa and the world.

Community Engagement and Youth Empowerment: One of the important strategy for global development is to engage and empower the youth with adequate engagements, intentional investment of time, resources and skills, youth from disadvantaged community can actually become leaders helping others to become future leaders. Our aim is to empower the youth by encouraging development of new skills and empowering them with financial assistance to sustain those newly developed skills.  

Are you interested in donating?

Donations to DoctorTribe Foundation fund men, women, children and young adults in underprivileged communities. These donation funds programs in our three main divisions: Education and Mentorship, Food and Nutrition, Community, Engagement and Youth Empowerment. 

Repping DoctorTribe goes beyond wearing a shirt. It’s all about bringing positivity to the community by using your time, availability and impacting men, women, children and young adults in underprivileged communities. Just by buying our shirts & accessories, you can help fund our various activities. For every shirts & accessories purchased, a percentage will be allotted to the fund to improve the lives of underprivileged in Africa and all over the world.



We are in need of positive role models, educators and mentors that are available to volunteer in the different foundation programs established by DoctorTribe. Choose from the foundation program and organize an event around the program that caters for men, women, children and young adult near your area. Give us an estimate of how much is needed, provide proof of initiating this movement., provide high quality photos. 


Sign up to become a DoctorTribe Ambassador by completing this form. You have to be resilient, honest, compassionate, and a total giver. These are the characteristics we look forward to having in Our ambassadors. 

Where Does DoctorTribe Funding Go Into?

Your donations fund the education and mentorship program, Food and Nutrition, Youth and Empowerment all over the world.

Sign up to become a DoctorTribe Foundation Ambassador. Organize a community outreach for men, women, children and young adult in need near your area and empower them.