What are some foods to ease your anxiety?

People can make a variety of lifestyle changes to help manage their anxiety. Eating a diet high in vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, and lean protein can be helpful. Anxiety is a widespread condition, affecting millions of people globally. Symptoms vary, and some people only experience them now and then. However, someone who experiences symptoms for READ MORE

Effects of gender discrimination on health

Gender discrimination has a significant impact on mental and physical health worldwide. It can limit peoples’ access to healthcare, increase rates of ill health, and lower life expectancy. While it is true that women live longer than men on average, they experience higher rates of ill health during their lifetimes. It is likely that gender discrimination and READ MORE

Medical myths: Mental health misconceptions

Over recent years, mental health has slowly moved out of the shadows. After centuries of being sidelined, our state of mental well-being is gradually receiving more of the attention that it deserves. However, many myths persist.  As we approach World Mental Health Day on October 10, this edition of Medical Myths will focus on mental health. Although READ MORE

What is depression?

Sometimes physical problems can cause depression. But other times, symptoms of depression are part of a more complex psychiatric problem. There are several different types or subtypes of depression, including: Major depressive disorder Dysthymia and chronic depression (now called persistent depressive disorder) Seasonal affective disorder Psychotic depression Bipolar depression Major Depression An individual with major READ MORE